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2023 Mercedes eSprinter

Project Scope

This project was dual purpose. First scope was to design and build a workshop for a customer, complete with work benches, work lights, storage, and power.

Second, design it to be used as a camper van for a short getaway.


The custom cabinet

This was an important part of our design. 

We built this cabinet to specifically store a generator to be used for job site power tools, solar and inverter components and storage. It will also hold weight for the fold down tables to come.


The winch!

This is a really cool feature. 

In order for our customer to get the generator in and out of the truck we installed a 12volt 2,500lbs winch running off the battery system. The steel cable is hidden in the walls and comes out the rear center ceiling.


Windows and vents

After the framing and window boxes were built it was time to install the windows. We measured 50 times and proceeded to the cuts. The windows were 10x30 and opened with screens. We also added two ventilation fans, one to pull air in and another to push it out, you can see them in the main picture at the top of the page.


Fixed work bench

Here is a picture of the fixed butcher block counter tops. You can see the bifold countertops on the drivers wall clamped in the up position.


Sleeping and storage platform

This is a picture of the bifold fully open. The middle panel lands on the butcher block and the vice removes for an air mattress. This is also used as a split storage for our customers needs.


First things first

To get started we removed the factory walls and flooring, installed the wooden and coin floor and began to frame out our design. It was super important for us to get the measurements just right since the countertops needed to be just the right height. 

20221123_170950046_iOS 1.heic

Table tops

We used two butcher block countertops for the work surfaces, one will be used for the top of the custom cabinet and the other for the passenger side work bench. There will be a bifold top that bridges the gap to create a full second level for sleeping as well.


Solar and inverter

Next up was the installation of the 300W solar panels, 100Ah battery, 30A solar controller, 2KW inverter and 12V fuse box. There are multiple 30A breakers in line as well.



Aside from the solar package we needed switches for the lights, fans and battery cut off. After running the appropriate cables we built a switch panel for easy connection. There were LED's on the ceiling, back doors and under the counters as well as sconces for camping.



Second work bench

Here is a picture of the bifold counter top in its first position. The legs are removable and store in the cabinet



All done!

We're so proud of this project and all the little details involved in it.

It took a lot of planning but in the end we exceeded our customers vision and proved,

"if you can dream it, we can build it!"

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